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Looking at the statistics, after sales service market is evolving inch by inch and most of the share of market lies in the unorganized market as lot of local dealers and neighborhood players are providing services of multiple brands at affordable prices Also, the use of non-branded spare parts is on the constant increase which is somehow creating a big challenge for organized brands to keep their brand's loyalty intact. So as to offer best of opportunities to customers, MISTRI CHACHA is setting up their authorized service centers in every corner of country so as to offer best of services. This involves a 24X7 support through e-portals and customers can also visit the certified You can get your product's problem resolved from its MISTRI CHACHA authorized service centre which offers repair related services to its target customers and corporate client as well as Award Winning Company.


·        The fate of a consumer durable brand relies mainly on product portfolio and an after sale service it offers to the target customer. 

         24/7 Friendly Support


·        24/7 customer support in your Native language.